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10 Dic

Exercises to get in shape for Christmas …

Hello My Urban Girl & Urban Boy …

Today I want to talk about sport and welfare; not a girl sedentary and I like pretty much constantly exercise because I can download any tension allowing my body to relax. In view also of the many lunches and dinners that lie ahead I’m trying to keep in shape with a total workout or full body to burn as much heat in the shortest time possible … These exercises are very useful for those who want to lose calories quickly and the advantage is that these are free body can do them from home with the help of a simple mat. This type of activity as the name suggests allows you to train multiple muscle groups with a single year; so what better way to save time in an increasingly hectic? Today I will then show you some exercises: in addition to those full body will propose more specific to the buttocks, the classic setting of us women. Also other related gymnastics for shoulders and back: very useful for me given the compliance outside of my shoulder blades. Finally can not miss the exercises of abdominal and stretching: the latter should be done both at the beginning to the end to loosen the muscles preparing them to be waiting for them.

And how are you? You like physical activity?

And after training let’s take a bath with Epsom salts !!!

Also known as Epsom salts is nothing but magnesium sulfate .

This product I discovered recently and is in a class allows you to cleanse toxins from the muscles and it’s really a toccasano against stress useful to promote relaxation body. When the magnesium sulfate is absorbed through the skin, in fact, it expels toxins from the body, relaxes the nervous system, reduces swelling and relieves the muscles. In addition, it is a natural emollient and exfoliating Just dissolve the salts in the bath to forget pain and effort !!!

Many other benefits have been discovered through the use of these salts among which:

  1. helps regulate the heart rate, lowering blood pressure, preventing hardening of the arteries and reducing the risk of clot formation;
  1. promotes the absorption of insulin, contributing to the improvement of the conditions of diabetics;
  2.  contributes to the maintenance of proper levels of calcium in the blood;
  1. eliminates toxins and potentially hazardous substances;
  1. encourages the production of serotonin, the so-called “hormone of good spirits”, and the subsequent relaxation of the body, helping it to rest;
  1. soothes inflammation and muscle cramps, alleviating pain;
  1. helps to improve the oxygenation of the body;
  1. helps to improve the absorption, by the organism of nutrients;
  1. favors the production of brain tissue and different types of proteins;
  1. help prevent and / or relieve headaches and migraines.

Personally, I can confirm that at the end of exercise, my body was completely relaxed and I had no muscle pain.


We start with some full body workouts divided into curcuiti: one day you could follow a workout and another next to never get bored. One day maybe more training the upper part and the other the lower one! I change continuously varied workout or some exercises because otherwise I stuferei easily!

[cml_media_alt id='1845']S20[/cml_media_alt] [cml_media_alt id='1846']S21[/cml_media_alt] [cml_media_alt id='1847']S22[/cml_media_alt] [cml_media_alt id='1848']S23[/cml_media_alt] [cml_media_alt id='1849']S24FULL ANCHE A CASA[/cml_media_alt]

Now I show you those specific buttocks to be perfectly boiled : through the use of special weights for ankles you can tone up more throughout the area. And ' affordable in all sports shops ; personally I bought the Decthaton .

The weights range from 0.5 per share up to 2 kg (0.5 - 1 - 1,5 - 2KG ) ; I have the 1 kg per part and I can guarantee that the results can be seen widely.

The exercises can be practiced either free body or through the help of rocker or ketlebell ( as shown in the second image ) to increase the difficulty , but I can assure you that even in the first case with the proper consistency results are visible immediately !

[cml_media_alt id='1871']cavigliera[/cml_media_alt]

[cml_media_alt id='1851']S1[/cml_media_alt] [cml_media_alt id='1852']S2[/cml_media_alt] [cml_media_alt id='1853']S3[/cml_media_alt] [cml_media_alt id='1862']S12[/cml_media_alt][cml_media_alt id='1854']S4[/cml_media_alt] [cml_media_alt id='1855']S5[/cml_media_alt] 

Let the hated abdominal : hated them because all we want but we hardly get them to come out ! Unfortunately this part is a little tricky as well as the physical consistency is necessary above all that related to food . As soon as you sgarra un’pò these turtles take to retreat especially for us women who make more effort to develop them ! I show you some exercises suitable to develop the whole abdomen : is low that high either side and center . From the classic to the bicycle crunches up the use of the ball

[cml_media_alt id='1856']S6[/cml_media_alt] [cml_media_alt id='1857']S7[/cml_media_alt][cml_media_alt id='1858']S8[/cml_media_alt] [cml_media_alt id='1859']S9[/cml_media_alt] [cml_media_alt id='1860']S10[/cml_media_alt] [cml_media_alt id='1861']S11[/cml_media_alt]

Moving on to the last part that should also be the initial training or stretching. It ‘ a milestone in any physical activity from simply walking up to an intense workout . The muscles must be stretched otherwise remain rigid and do not allow the right coordination of all movements . In my case if I not dedicate the time to dissolve muscle size would have several problems in training next ..

[cml_media_alt id='1863']S13[/cml_media_alt] [cml_media_alt id='1864']S14[/cml_media_alt] [cml_media_alt id='1865']S15[/cml_media_alt] [cml_media_alt id='1866']S16[/cml_media_alt] [cml_media_alt id='1867']S17[/cml_media_alt] [cml_media_alt id='1870']STRECHING ESSENZIALE[/cml_media_alt]