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6 Ott

Expo Milan

Hello My Urban Urban Girl & Boy …

Today I want to talk about my experience at the Expo in Milan, this global event now started on May 1 and that unfortunately soon come to an end, on October 31 …

As we know this event is the topic increasingly discussed nutrition and how to deal with new technologies in waste disposal.

Eating healthy food while respecting the environment and avoid waste is paramount and these issues are fully addressed in this global showcase …

140 host countries including Kazakhstan will host in its capital, Astana the next event of the Expo: Expo 2017!

Turn to the Expo I think it’s really an unforgettable experience as well as addressing the issues mentioned above allowed me to discover the many cultures; each stand was set up with food and customs of the local people …

There were images of landscapes, traditional, local tales, traditional costumes and each booth also had an area dedicated to dining with local traditional food …
Truly a unique experience, with local people who tell of their own, they sell their products, they do know the culture and traditions …

I made me really want to leave !!!

To see the whole event as you can imagine it would take a week but I can tell you that among the countries visited Vietnam drew particularly my attention: a population with a smile on his lips, warm, friendly, with a great desire to get involved. ..

At the entrance I realized that I was dipping into a beautiful reality, as has been the entire route of the day: as we tasted in every booth local delicacies because I love to try different tastes from my kitchen.

So between rice noodles, rice with vegetables, spring rolls, we opted for the last goodness: spring rolls with fish sauce, a crunchy unique taste …

At the top of the pavilion they had then set up all their objects, the typical Vietnamese hair back very useful view of the storm that had been unleashed on that day in Milan, the typical fans, to use their own chopsticks to eat …

Later, a group of young boys began to sing and play letting us know the musicality of their tools: a really beautiful show …

We then traveled to many other stands including Brazil, United States, Kuwait, Mexico, ect.

Also new was the Choco taste Kebab, the instrument used is that of the normal kebab but instead of meat were filleted real chunks of chocolate, for a greedy like me a real kindness !!!

I was also long wanted to print me a beautiful henna tattoos and for the occasion I’ve made do not one but two …

The rest of the day I want to tell by the pictures …

[cml_media_alt id='1756']image[/cml_media_alt]

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