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19 Dic

Christmas is coming …

Hello My Urban Urban Girl & Boy …

Christmas , the feast in my view more hot just in one of the coldest months , the only party where you do not feel alone just thinking the other , run less , you most want to smile and encourage gestures cute too others to join the magic …

Christmas, this festival so exciting and full of surprises is coming and as the great Harlen Miller too, “I wish I could put the Christmas spirit in a jar and can pull out month by month, a little at a time” .. .

Yes, because the Christmas give joy, sweetness, love … Christmas unites and makes us feel at least for one day a year closer to one another! Christmas is the day when we all get together and go down to the shelter called family!

The real message of Christmas is that all of us we are never alone!

Christmas is chatting until late at night in front of a fireplace with so much wood ready to burn, Christmas is tell the good memories of the year that soon will go to make room for a new …

Christmas is not just a simple date … it is a state of mind !!! The preparations that we do the best to decorate our home, hanging lights, ice rinks, markets …. these are unique images … enchanted landscapes that only the magic of Christmas can give us !!!

Christmas is also characterized by the classic exchange of gifts; what a thrill to wake up and see many packages ready to be opened !!!

The days preceding the festival are then literally characterized by a real rush for gifts !!!

In recent weeks I have had the opportunity to buy different things: from clothing to home accessories that Christmas is not, the care and beauty of body and hair, to electronics until you get to my sweet and loved chocolate !!!

On this occasion I did not lose time to buy several things for me …

Today in particular I want to show the new jacket signed LEVI’S!

What has most caught my attention was the hair inside: soft, warm, enveloping; not to give up the classic and timeless denim jacket even in winter!

I love the brand Levi’s, vintage style, fashion which is said revived twice and that is coming back more and more popular !!!

Inside the store Levi’s were present different models: the mine is down to his hips and has a dark blue color, the others were the classic jackets short style Fonzie in Happy Days for a lighter shade!


Now it has to show it; hope you like it!!! Share my choice or you preferred that I choose the other models?

Your purchases as they are going?

A big kiss


Fashion by JeJe

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